Message from the Glovesmith

To My Fellow Gloveheads

Even as a glovesmith of having 40 years of life dedicated to making gloves, it is still not easy to find an answer to the question: 'What is the most important thing when it comes to glove patterns?’

The baseball glove has evolved over time due to the changing demands of the games, but those demands have always been made by the players. As modern players are not only more talented, faster and stronger but also smarter, there are many different and sensitive requirements which made it difficult to find a simple answer to this question.

In making the Pro-1, I focused on making the gloves feel as natural as possible, as if my own hand were catching a ball. The Pro-1 glove allows the entire hand from fingers to palm for the comfortable grasp of the pocket. Knowing that preserving the feeling of the entire hand wrapping around the ball is crucial to the game performance, this factor was essential in developing the Pro-1 pattern. My focus also was on alleviating the problem of the palm face protruding upwards and eliminating the pocket which caused the ball more difficult to catch in grasping motion.

I hope your experience with Pro-1 pattern will let you see and feel the difference while maximizing your chances of handling any ball that comes your way.

- HAN | Blacksmith of Buckler