Punches above its weight

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One hand washes the other. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the playing field, a diamond that only glitters through the collective sweat of the team.

But teams are not only found on the pitch. Consider the baseball glove: only through the effort of many, from tanners and leathersmiths to designers and fabricators, can a humble piece of equipment finally adorn and protect the hand of an athlete and help to elevate their game.

This is the only true standard that we hold our gloves up to. We craft each component by hand with stringent care, so when the pieces are put together, the result is a glove that, to borrow a boxing phrase, “punches above its weight”. A single arrow is easily broken, but a bundle of arrows is not.

This is our promise to you: a glove of the hands, by the hands, for the hands.

Buckler–the people’s glove.

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